Friday, 30 May 2008

How food riots will change the world

There is a big unease in the world these days, and this time it's not because of wars or George Bush or any crazy stuff like this... but it's "food Riots"
the price of the living is soaring everywhere... prices of rice and wheat (main food for majority of humans) have doubled in a year... and droughts and floods aren't helping with the problem.

But amongst all this mess, there is a glimpse of hope!
The thing is that people can cope with political oppression or no freedom of press, but apparently people can't go hungry for long, and once they reach a certain point... there will be explosions... with dramatic consequences
"Bread riots" will rise in number and strength... and the hope is that the regimes will not be able to remain in power... overthrown by popular anger!

There can be a transitional phase... after which peace and security are restored, lessons are learned from previous experiences of cruel dictators... and people have free prosperous life!

Sunday, 25 May 2008

NOT in our name! (abortion chapter)

so, the MPs voted against reducing the time limit for abortion from 24 to 20/22 weeks.
to be honest i am no0t surprised at all giving that the trend nowadays is to be as "politically correct" as possible even at the expense of key moral issues.

in my opinion, the problem is that the MPs are NOT the people to take this decision on our behalf. this is a deep medical-philosophical-religious-cultural issue, and quiet frankly.. they are not fit for the job. what most people care about when voting to elect members of the parliament is maily economy... that's why majority of muslims voted Labour in the last general elections despite the iraq war!

i believe there is enough medical data to support reducing the limit to 22 weeks. the old law is outdated, and viability has increased to a point where a reduction is resonable

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Burma... The Un-natrual disaster

The situation in Burma is alarming, to say the least.

After two week of the devastating earthquake, the military junta which rules the country since 1992 has focused its efforts on putting as much hurdles as possible in the way of international aid.

The death toll is currently at 78000 and the missing are estimated at about 56000, 30000 children under 5 are threatened to die of hunger in the next three weeks.

The scale of the natural disaster is made worse by the outrageous reaction of the military government. By deciding to take the aid efforts by their hands only, the Burmese government established the “people as our property” policy that they and the other dictatorships around the world try to impose.

the government’s mission is to represent people, to insure safety and security, to provide services to the people. To fail the people and to prevent so much needed help is totally inhumane and cruel.

I was among the people who thought that diplomatic negotiations would lead to a solution in the first days of the catastrophe. However time proved that it was a false hope. The Burmese general have been under pressure since the crackdown on the Buddhist monks this year and with china as their ally, they had nothing to fear from the international community.

What was needed is a “human aid intervention”. Because people’s lives are more important than any law, diplomacy or regulations whatsoever. The operation should be under the banner of the united nations, military backed if necessary. the aim must be saving people's lives.